Nagano Sake tasting Introduction

Nagano is the county who has got the second most number of sake breweries in Japan. Because there are beautiful mountains, Nagano is able to produce the clean & clear waters and high quality rice which is necessary to make great sake. Come to Nagano and join this experience to taste one of the best Sake in Japan. The sake maker w’ll explore has over 300 years history and you will taste the differences between sakes of the highest quality, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and many other seasonable sakes.You can also visit old sake factory(it is not used now)which is built over 120 years ago to understand the process of making sake. After enjoying Sake tasting, the guide will take you to Nagano’s laid back area to visit some local shops around Zenkoji temple to explore more about Nagano. 

  • Taste the best Nagano’s sakes with nibbles like soy source beans and some Japanese pickles. Also you can have Nagano’s miso soup
  • Admission free to visit old sake factory
  • Explore Nagano’s laid back area around Zenkoji temple to visit some local shops
  • Learn and practice authentic Japanese eating style and discover other parts of Nagano outside of your guidebook.
  • Connect with local business owners to learn the history and local culture.

This is one of the best things to do in Nagano !! and if you like, book our tour !!!

Nagano Sake Tasting Tour
  • Walking Tour
  • Includes: Sake tasting, some nibbles and admission free to visit old sake factory
  • duration: 3 hours
  • Group: From 1 to 10 pp

Cherry blossom Information

If you wanna see beautiful cherry blossom with this experience, please book between 11th and 17th of April(Information from forecast on 22/Feb). Please note that full bloom really depends on weather, so we cannot guarantee you full bloom when you have this tour. We will inform you of the dates of flowering of cherry blossom in this column.

Now forecast says full bloom in Nagano city is 14/April/2020.(written on 22/Feb/2020)

The best season for cherry blossom in Nagano city is a little bit later than Tokyo(Cherry blossom season in Tokyo starts from the end of Mar). It usually starts from early April and it will end around mid April, so if you have missed a chance to see it in Tokyo or if you would like to see beautiful cherry blossom while tasting Sake(What a traditional and elegant Japanese style !! ), Please book this experience !!

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