Cherry Blossom in Nagano Japan

It is a big part of Japanese culture , which is cherry blossom, or sakura as it’s known in Japan. People come gather together to celebrate the blooming of the flowers, by visiting parks or fields and throwing big picnics called Hanami. People eat food and drink sake, beer with joy under the cherry blossom trees. Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossom.Cherry blossoms bloom once a year, and the most popular variety of tree is called the Somei Yoshino, which’s color is pale pink flowers.

So, because it blooms once in a year and it lasts only one week to enjoy flowers, it is very important to get information from forecast to see full bloom when the month become around March. That is why Japanese appreciate and enjoy the moment of Hanami. We have a fun and get drunk for this beautiful Sakura.

These Places are one of the best spots to see beautiful Cherry blossom in Nagano

Matsumoto Castle

Nagano city and Joyama park

Ueda Johseki Park(Ueda Castle Ruines)

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Image from :  Karuizawa Kankokyokai

Garyu Park in Suzaka city

Takato Joshi Park

SUZAKA Garyu Park

If you wanna see cherry blossoms, please our tours here ↓↓↓↓

2 Hours

Nagano Sake Tasting Walking Tour

4 to 5 Hours

Matsumoto Castle, Sake & Food Walking Tour in Nagano


If you wanna know information about any other places for cherry blossom, please contact us anytime !!

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