Yummy milk bread

Boulangerie Nakamura

I came to Shiojiri next to Matsumoto to work as a nurse.
For lunch, I bought bread at Boulangerie Nakamura, a long established bakery. It is about 5 minutes walk from Shiojiri Station.
Danish bread is famous, but today’s aim is Milk bread!

Boulangerie Nakamura is a bakery that even children know in Shiojiri city, because it has been making lunch for elementary school in Shiojiri city.

Do you know milk bread ? Have you heard of it? Milk bread is said to originate from Nagano Prefecture, Milk cream is sandwiched between rectangular fluffy coppe breads. I used to eat it once, but I will eat it after a long time. First of all, the size is very large! It’s about 20 cm width and about 10 cm thick.

Can I eat up ? A lot of cream is sandwiched in fluffy bread,

Compared to other milk bread, the cream has a strange texture. A little gritty! Delicious ^_^

And after all, I ate it all !!!

I am full!!!^_