Visited to Fukashi Shrine in Matsumoto city

I came to Fukashi Shrine today to pray .

In Japan, we visit shrines and make wishes. This time I have wished for…..

”Corona is gone early! !! !!”

Fukashi Shrine is about 10minutes walk from Matsumoto Station.

It has watched over the local people long time.

It is a beautiful shrine with a red  gate and a main building.

There are many worshipers especially during the summer festival and the New Year’s day.

Personally, the autumn season is also very beautiful. You can see beautiful autumn leaves of maple.

When my son was born, Fukashi shrine is the first shrine I visited.

I prayed he grow up healthy.

So, Fukashi shrine is very memorable.

He is now 7 years old!  And he is growing up healthy.

It may be because of Fukashi Shrine.