Togakushi Shrine Hiking Trails Tour


Only a couple of hours from Tokyo, this sacred Togakushi Shinto-Shrine can easily be visited in a day trip. Togakushi shrine is like no other. Far from the usual tourist destination, Togakushi Shrine is a true hidden gem.

The Togakushi Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Nagano Prefecture, in Japan. Mt. Togakushi is where Togakushi shrine sits and it is in the National Park called Myoukou Togakushi Renzan National Park. Togakushi Shrine consists of five shrines in a large area and the distance between each shrines about 2km (1.25 miles) apart.

The Five Shrines are, 

  1. Houkou Sha (lower shrine) dedicated to a patron goddess protecting maternity, academic and sewing
  2. Hino Miko Sha is dedicated to the god of fire and performing arts
  3. Chuu Sha (middle shrine) is dedicated to the god of wisdom
  4. Oku Sha (upper shrine) is dedicated to a God’s threw the door of Ame-no-iwato-cave.
  5. Kuzuryu Sha is dedicated to the god of rain and guardian deity of the Togakushi villages.
We begin our exploration of ancient pilgrimage trails at Togakushi, where a steep sometimes but not too long, such as going up the stairs to the shrines and hiking mountain path. We walk the old trails called “Togakushi Kodo” and you will see old Shinto statues and beautiful, great, spiritual cedars, line our route along the way to our destination of Okusha. We will visit each five shrines and also enjoy having Togakushi soba(Togakushi Soba is ranked in top 3 soba in Japan) for a lunch.
  • Photography Tour
    We will be on hand to take some happy snaps(by DSLR camera) which will be shared with you after the tour!
  • Photo Friendly
  • 6-7 Hours
  • 1 to 8 people
  • All weather

Trip Itinerary

9:20 / Meet up at Nagano station
Meet Up with our guide at Nagano station and go to the bus station.
*Round trip tickets from Nagano station to Togakushi area is now apx.¥2600/person*
10:40 / Arrival at Togakushi area
Start to explore Togakushi kodo from Houkou Sha → Hino Miko Sha →
11:55 / Visit Chu Sha
We arrive at Chu Sha area and have a little bit early lunch. We will have Soba noodle, which is ranked in top 3 soba in Japan. After visiting to Chu Sha(Shrine), we will get a bus to go to Oku Sha
13:40 / Arrival at Oku Sha area
You will see 400 years old massive cedar trees linking to the path to Oku Sha. This journey into the heart of the forest is about 2km long and through the red Zuishinmon Gate, past cedar trees, up to the Main Hall which sits spectacularly on the mountainside of Mt. Togakushi. You will also visit to Kuzuryu Sha at this point.
15:15 / Jump onto the bus and go back to Nagano city
Leave Togakushi area and begin your return to Nagano station
16:30 or 17:30 / Tour concludes
You will arrive at Nagano station, where the guide say goodbyes to you. The end of the time depends on the pace of the group.
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Togakushi Shrine Hiking Trails Tour
  • Hiking Trails Tour
  • Includes: Lunch,
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Group: From 1 to 8 pp

¥18,000 per person

July 2020
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


  • Duration: 6-7 hours, starting at 09:20 am
  • Minimum: 1 people per tour
  • Maximum: 8 people per tour
  • Price: 18,000 JPY (incl. tax) per person, Child (3-12) 12,000 JPY (incl. tax)
  • Infants (0-2) are free of charge.  An infant lunch is not included 
  • Includes: Lunch & Tea, English-speaking guide
  • Excludes: Extra drinks and food (available to purchase), Bullet train tickets, Bus Ticket
  • Meeting location: Nagano Station
Professional Guide

Local expert, personable English-speaking guides

Walking tour

Please wear suitable cloths & shoes for walking. Togakushi sits at an altitude of around 1,100m above sea level. If it rains, it will be cold even in summer time.

Lunch & Tea

You will have one of the best Soba noodle, which is Togakushi speciality.


Take the photo of spots on back street in Nagano for your Instagram album.

A littile bit about Togakushi Folk Tale.....


The god of Oku Sha is Ame-no-tajikarao

In japan mythology and according to Kojiki(Records of Ancient Matters), the bad behavior of Susano’o, the Japanese god of storms, drove his sister Amaterasu into the Ama-no-Iwato cave

Because Amaterasu is the goddess of sun, the land of Japan was deprived of light. So other gods came up with the idea to have a party just in front of Ame-no-Iwato cave. Amaterasu grew curious about the source of amusement and peeked out of the cave entrance. 

Then, there was Ame-no-tajikarao who is the strongest of the gods and forced the door of the cave open. He threw the door of Ama-no-Iwato cave as hard as he could. 

The place where the the door was dropped at was Togakushi shrine, Oku Sha. So, that is why Togakushi literally means “hiding door”.

When you check the distance between Ama-no-iwato shrine and Oku-sha(Togakushi shrine), Ama-no-iwato shrine  is in Miyazaki prefecture and the distance is over 1,000 km. 

Ok, this is just mythology and It is totally up to you if you believe this or not. However, you can feel mystic, silent, refined, historical and mysterious beauty from the atmosphere of Togakushi shrine. 

You will see why Togakushi shrine is one of the best spiritual places and as famous as Ise grand shrine and Izumo taisha


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