Sushi restaurant in Matsumoto


Today, I came to “Umino Utage ” near my house.

to have Sushi  〜!!! 

Nagano Prefecture has no sea, but the sushi here has fresh  fish. And I recommend sushi here because we can eat thick fish.

Sushi is one of Japan’s representative dishes, so I would like you to try it once when you come on a trip.

I especially like sardines and saury among sushi. In the menu here, I would like you to try today’s recommended 5  assortment. Chef’s first 5 recommended items are lined up luxuriously. The appearance is also beautiful.

My son likes squid and tuna. Chef are very kind, and they make bamboo art for children and small sushi ,so I think it’s easy for children to eat.

In addition, there is a Japanese menu such as a tempura , grilled fish, sashimi, and miso soup etc…

Please try it for dinner on your trip!