Sun Sun Winery in Shiojiri City

Long time no see.

Hello! I’m Risa.


I visited Sun Sun Winery in Shiojiri City today.

There are many wineries in Shiojiri.

It is a hidden wine region.

Autumn is the season for grapes.

Wine is made from various types of Shiojiri grapes such as Chardonnay, Merlot, Concord and Niagara.

You can drink some sample in the store.

I’m not good at drinking, but I only like wine.


There is a cafe next door, from which you can have lunch and look at the vineyards.

It was sunny and the vineyards looked beautiful.

I had grape juice and apple cake.

Juice made from grapes in this vineyard.

There was a little bit of astringency left and it was very delicious.

A lot of souvenirs and reasonably priced wines are on sale, so it’s a perfect souvenir.