Spring has come in Matsumoto city

I’m at Matsumoto Castle, a national treasure.
The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in April and now. 

Today is a nice sunny walk.
During the winter, I could see the swans swimming at Matsumoto Castle, and they were swimming comfortably.
Matsumoto Castle is a castle with a beautiful black contrast , so we call “The Crow Castle”.

Today, the blue sky, the pink cherry blossoms and the black castle were in perfect harmony.
In Japan Himeji Castle is a world heritage site. Himeji city is a sister city of Matsumoto city. 

Interestingly, Himeji castel is called Shirasagi Castle and Shirasagi is a “white” egret. The both Matsumoto castle and Himeji castle are described by the color(Black & White)

If you haven’t seen this beautiful moment, please visit Matsumoto Castle one day. 


Thank you !!

bye bye!