Roadside station (Michinoeki) in Shiojiri city


Today, I’m at the Michinoeki Osakada in Shiojiri City, which is next to Matsumoto City. Michinoeki is a car rest area! Michinoeki Osakada  is a facility with areas such as athletics, go-karts, putter golf, museums, suvenir shops and restaurants.

I went to play putter golf and go-cart with my son. Go-kart is a very popular vehicle, and there were many people waiting in line today. Get on a two-seater cart and leave! It moved faster than I expected, and we needed our driving skills to drive safely. On the way, my son crashed his go-kart and I was shocked. However, when he drove all the way to the end, he was happy and he said 

” I enjoyed!!! “

Putter Golf is only putter, but it can be played in vast land. It was so difficult that I didn’t enter the cup at all.

After playing, I ate soft ice cream! It’s said that John Lennon’s favorite soft ice cream When he came to Karuizawa, he ate it. I chose Anko(Bean paste,) and Matcha soft ice cream, and my son chose vanilla soft ice cream. It was so sweet and cold . It was delicious,so I know that John Lennon like it. There are various types of toppings, so please choose the one you like.


It was a happy day to play a lot with my son (^^)