Ramen culture

Ramen Sakura

Hello! I’m RISA.
It became a little cold.

Japan has unique Ramen culture . And also there are many ramen shops here in Matsumoto.

Today, I will Introduce the ramen shop , mainly used Shinshu miso.
Nagano is famous for Miso.
It locates in front of Parco, in the center of Matsumoto city.
“Ramen Sakura”
You can eat delicious miso ramen made with Shinshu miso.

The day I visited was in line before the store opened.
It looks like a remodeled old warehouse, and there are seats on the second floor when you climb the steep stairs. Be careful not to hit your head if you are tall.
I will buy a meal ticket first and then take a seat.

Ramen has been brought in!
I like seafood miso ramen so I always ask for this.
It looks very delicious, so I’ll have it right away!
Very rich miso soup and noodles are often entwined.

This shop is the most recommended miso ramen in Matsumoto city.

Please come and eat !!!