Our New Tour !! Food & Cultural Walking Tour in Nagano

It is very easy to get Nagano station from Tokyo station. It just takes 1.5 hour by bullet train. Famous places from Nagano station are such as Hakuba, Snow Monkey, Nozawa, Obuse, Matsumoto,  etc.,etc. Before going these places, if you have time, please join our very interesting half-day tour called ” Food & Cultural Walking Tour around Zenkojitemple in Nagano “

Meet up point for this tour is Nagano station.

There is Starbucks at the west side of Nagano station and your guide is waiting for you in front of the window of Starbucks. 

First, you have Oyaki here. Oyaki is Japanese Stuffed Dumplings and you can have it in the traditional Japanese sunken hearth and you can have it near by cozy & warm bonfire
Miso soup and Soba tea come with Oyaki !!

After Oyaki House, we go to Zenko-ji Temple. On the way to Zenkoji, you can grab Miso rice ball if you are still hungry !

After enjoying Zenkoji Temple,

we pop in Japanese traditional house and you can have Koiyaki

(a fish shaped cake with sweet scarlet runner bean inside)


What is great about this shop is the design of house and products are so cute.

Of course, you cab take some photographs here.

The owner of this shop is a bit shy but nice guy. 

If we have time, we will visit small shrine on the back street and wish for your future money.

Here, you have very nice Matcha-tea and nice sweet in the Japanese style house.

After having Match-tea & sweet. you can pop in some of local shops where are not in your guide book.

and the tour concludes

This is one of the best things to do in Nagano  and

If you are interested in, book our Food & Cultural Walking Tour around Zenkoji temple in Nagano !!

Food & Cultural Walking Tour around Zenkoji temple in Nagano
Sale now ¥9,990/pp
  • Walking Tour
  • Includes: Lunch, Sweets & Matcha Tea
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Group: From 1 to 8 pp

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