Opened a store in Marche!

It’s getting colder.

It is autumn now, and the autumn leaves is about to end.
The four seasons in Nagano are clear, so the autumn leaves are very beautiful. This photo was taken when I went to Karuizawa about two weeks ago. The maple leaves were very beautiful and the trees were colored red and yellow!

The other day, my son opened a store in Marche!
Due to the influence of Corona this year, there were many events held outside everywhere. Marche was also held in various places.
The store that my son and his friend thought was a GAME shop.
It is a shop of Praban and darts.
Make posters and signboards for the store , set prices, and open the store!
It was very cold on the day, but it was a great success with about 50 customers coming!
In addition, there are many shops selling Shinshu vegetables and local dishes.
The experience of children making money, the experience of communicating with strangers,
It was their first time, and it was an experience to grow them.

Various marches are being held in Nagano prefecture this year.
Please come and visit us.

It’s going to be a snowy season in Nagano soon.
See you next time.