Nunobiki Kannon

Nunobiki Kannon


It’s April.

It post in a long time.

It’s been a year since Corona, and spring has come again.

Cherry blossoms bloom all over Japan, and I feel the arrival of spring.


Today I am at Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture.

“Nunobiki Kannon”

I came here for the first time.

I’ve been in Nagano for 15 years, but I don’t know there is such a place.

This is the place where Zenkoji temple,at Nagao city is famous for cow.


From the car parking , go up the stairs, about 20 minutes.

I’m pretty tired.

I thought I had muscle pain tomorrow.


When you finish climbing,

you can see  Kannon-do on the cliff and the harmony of the cherry blossoms was wonderful.


In the distance, I could see Mt. Asama clearly.


When you stand in the Kannon-do, you can see hundreds of meters below your eyes and your feet are freezing.


Nagano prefecture has a very nice view of nature,

this has become one of my favorite places in Nagano prefecture!!

I definitely want you to visit!


Thank you!