Golden Week !!!

Hello! May started.

In Japan,we have long holiday called Golden Week .

But, this year’s Golden Week, we cannot go anywhere due to the influence of coronavirus,

so we went to Venus Line, Utsukushigahara Plateau in Matsumoto City by car .

It was not  the season of fresh green, but the view of the blue sky and the magnificent plateau was wonderful.

There were some people who were touring with a motorcycle or bicycle.

In Lake Shirakaba,

there is Kirie(Cutout) Museum.

I like this museum the best in Nagano prefecture.

This Kirie museum’s cutout is one black big paper and the gap is colored with colorful light to create a picture.

It’s closed in Corona now, but I want to go again when it opens.

I think the Venus line will be the best time to see around July. It’s Very cool even in summer.

By that time, I hope that tourists come back.