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Intro: Food & Cultural Walking Tour in Nagano

Intro: Food & Cultural Walking Tour in Nagano It is very easy to get Nagano station from Tokyo station. It just takes 1.5 hour by bullet train. Famous places from Nagano station are such as Hakuba, Snow Monkey, Nozawa, Obuse, Matsumoto,  … Read More

Izakaya Food Tour in Nagano

You can be like a resident, Izakaya Food Tour in Nagano

You can be like a resident, Izakaya Food Tour in Nagano Join our tour for a night out to feel like you are residents. Unlike Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, it will be very difficult to find where the locals go … Read More

Intro:Togakushi Shrine Hiking Trails Tour

First of all, a littile bit about Togakushi Folk Tale….. The god of Oku Sha is Ame-no-tajikarao.  In japan mythology and according to Kojiki(Records of Ancient Matters), the bad behavior of Susano’o, the Japanese god of storms, drove his sister Amaterasu into the Ama-no-Iwato cave. Because Amaterasu is … Read More

Cherry Blossom in Nagano

Cherry Blossom in Nagano Japan It is a big part of Japanese culture , which is cherry blossom, or sakura as it’s known in Japan. People come gather together to celebrate the blooming of the flowers, by visiting parks or … Read More

Enjoy Making Oyaki & Matcha Experience Walking Tour in Nagano !!

Enjoy making Oyaki(Japanese Stuffed Dumplings) and you can have it in front of a traditional Japanese sunken hearth, and also you can have local sweets & Matcha tea as we walk through Zenkoji temple’s town area in Nagano. This is … Read More

Nagano Sake tasting Introduction

Nagano Sake tasting Introduction Nagano is the county who has got the second most number of sake breweries in Japan. Because there are beautiful mountains, Nagano is able to produce the clean & clear waters and high quality rice which … Read More

Matsumoto Castle, Sake & Craft Beer Walking Tour in Nagano Intro

Matsumoto Castle, Sake, Food & Craft Beer Walking Tour Intro You can do Sake Tasting in friendly owner’s brewery,  have wonderful local Matsumoto food for lunch and drink great local craft beer. We will walk through famous street in old … Read More