Birthday Cake in Matsumoto !

My birthday☆


Nagano has become hot hot summer! !! !!

Due to the high altitude, the skin has sunburn in the daytime.

However, it is cool at night and we can spend without air conditioner.

It’s really easy to live in Nagano during summer.

Nagano is just right for summer resorts.


Well, today is my birthday!

I came to Five Horn to buy a cake.

Five horn cakes are characterized by their colorful fresh fruits and it is very large. The cake shop is Gosenjyaku group,Kamikochi, a famous tourist destination of Matsumoto. And it is located in PARCO Matsumoto and EAON MALL Matsumoto.

It used a lot of fruit from the fruits kingdom, Nagano, and it was delicious.

Eating a cake makes me feel happy.


To celebrate my birthday, I received a bouquet from my friend.

Thank you for my friends!


I had a wonderful birthday!