Barbecue in Matsumoto City

Today, I went to Shisuien in Matsumoto City and had a barbecue with my friends.


The weather was sunny and the  pleasant wind .

What a wonderful barbecue day!


Shisuien is a facility where we can have barbecues, hot springs, grounds, athletics, and river activities. 

You can experience various things, such as coming with your family and friends.


I used a barbecue facility today, but it is a large barbecue facility that can accommodate 200 people in total.

The facility fee is 260 yen per person, which is very cheap, and all you have to do is just bring the food and materials.

Today’s menu is grilled beef and vegetable , tandoori chicken,  and pizza !


We had a good time while talking with friends .

The barbecuevery is very  delicious!!!


There is also a system that prepares all the materials and foods, so you don’t have to bring anything.

I think it would be convenient for travelers.


The barbecue facility is surrounded by trees and there is also a place for children to run and play. There is a river on the side.

I think you can have barbecue time while having fun in nature!