Bakery in Matsumoto

Bakery Sweet


Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I couldn’t post because the nurse’s work was busy.


Today, I went a bakery “sweet ” ,located a 1-minute walk from my house to have breakfast.

Sweet is a popular and famous bakery with 3 stores around Matsumoto! 

There is a line every day.


I bought my favorite salt butter bread and many other breads today.

The salt butter rolls here are really delicious than any salt butter bread!

The crispy texture is very good!

But,the most popular curry bread was sold out…

My son has eaten all three breads.


The popularity of the Sweet is not only the deliciousness of the bread, but also 

we can get free coffee and eat in the large garden outside.

Many people were eating bread in the garden on this day as well.

I was able to eat comfortably on the garden.


There seems to be good things today!